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About BNI

BNI is the most successful business-referral organization of its kind in the world, with over 160,000 members and 6,000 groups. BNI is more than just a networking organization. It’s a proven method of generating a continuous flow of new business for its members. BNI’s networking events in Northern Ireland are second to none.

Our members throughout Northern Ireland work together to grow their businesses in ways that they could never accomplish alone. Want to find out more? Be our guest and click below.

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Typical Trades and Professions that you’ll find at BNI 

Can BNI Help My Business?

Tapping into BNI’s unique Referral Marketing System can help you create a pipeline of regular new business but this is only one of the many benefits of BNI membership.

  • Learn how to win bigger and better clients
  • Access to unrivalled networking training
  • Perfect your 60 second elevator pitch
  • Learn to think more effectively on your feet
  • Build your business confidence in new situations
  • Develop considerable public speaking skills
  • Create a better understanding of your business’ competitive advantage
  • Develop an incredible network of professional contacts
  • Make new friends you can really count on
  • And many more…

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